Crocodile leather hides are one of the most sought-after exotic skins in the world, because they are rare, expensive and difficult to get, moreover the natural beauty of the leather veins, and the great pliability and durability make it perfect for manufacturing products such as bags, shoes and belts.

Genuine Crocodile Leather (2)


Genuine Crocodile Leather (1)


Lizard skin leather has an incredibly smooth and elegant texture and is offerred in a medley of attractive colors. We can obtain lizard leather individually or connected together into sheets that are ready for production. There are many lizards that are used in tanning – we only use the lizards with the skin that will last longest for durability and style.

Genuine Lizard Leather (2)


Genuine Lizard Leather (1)


Ostrich leg leather, which has a smoother and more subtle texture than the bumpy quill pattern of leather taken from the feathered parts of the bird, is packed with natural oils. These oils lend the leather its natural suppleness and flexibility, and they also make it fairly resistant to drying and cracking. Despite its durability, ostrich leather does require a little regular maintenance, including a good conditioning and polishing every now and then to ensure maximum longevity.

Genuine Ostrich Leather (2)


Genuine Ostrich Leather (1)


Python leather comes from python snakes that originate from tropical climates such as Africa, Asia, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands. Python skin is an amazingly pliable and diverse application. The skins are light in weight and come a very diverse array of style and colors. And, like alligator and crocodile, its unique appearance is instantly recognizable which makes it a great leather to use for applications that will always maintain its luxury appeal despite what is trendy or currently in fashion.

Genuine Python Leather (2)

Genuine Python Leather (1)


Shark leather is world known for its rough, course texture. In the coarser developments of shark skin, it has been used like sandpaper for polishing. However, the finer tanned shark skins are used for shoes, handbags, and other leather items. Highly sought after, these skins are by-products from fishing villages and international cuisine.

Genuine Shark Leather (2)


Genuine Shark Leather (1)


Stingray leather is in the midst of a worldwide fashion revival. Its unique beauty is highlighted by the shiny pebbly texture of the skin, along with a one-of-a-kind design feature – the bony remnant of the dorsal fin that resembles a tiny cluster of “pearls”.

Genuine Stingray Leather (2)


Genuine Stingray Leather (1)


Genuine Zebra hides are absolutely stunning with a pattern of style and beauty that is unmatched in nature. Zebra skin can be used in many applications, but especially makes a statement for furniture, upholstery, shoes, handbags, designer area rugs and certain upholstery applications.

Genuine Zebra Leather (2)


Genuine Zebra Leather (1)